Agricultural Equipments

Garlic Harvesting

We offer all equipment from seed production to the end of harvest and even the packaging process of the product.

Garlic splitting classification machines: Garlic heads should be processed for use as seeds or for different industrial purposes in the following systematic order.

Heads are classified by size. Our C600 model machine is the fastest machine in this field.

Head splitting and seed classification system: Our E600 model machine easily separates the grains individually without crushing or double-leaving and classifies them into 5 different sizes.

The classified garlic grains are placed in the mechanical or pneumatic planting machine without wasting time. Thanks to this system, the head sizes of the products are equal in length.

The grains that are under the caliber and will not be taken to planting are directed to our air peeling machines to be peeled. They are peeled with capacities of 200 kg or 600 kg per hour and is weighed with electronic scales and packaged in gaseous vacuum packages.

In sowing, the grains are planted in an assorted way, mechanically between 3-12 rows, either in single row or double planting. We also guide you in the healthiest way by providing technical consultancy on determining the right area.

Weeding: It is an application that we especially recommend to weed by turning the grass that occurs between the rows during the growth process. In this area, our weeding machines offer solutions to reduce manpower.

Harvesting: It is possible to choose among our garlic harvesters in different models according to the details of your needs and products. We can offer you our RE type machines, which eliminates the need for labor-intensive work of cleaning the stem and roots, as well as our bunch harvesters that can be adjusted up to 12 cm in length and fill the harvest into boxes, sacks or crates.

In addition, our air dryers that do the head washing after harvesting, also help you speed up the pre-packaging steps.