Ecocap's Lid Protection Technology

Ecocap's® TOPSYL cap, is an aluminum cover that is heat sealed, prior to the packaging stage, without the use of adhesives and untouched. Since the cap and the can are both made of aluminium, a perfect sealing and perfect protection is provided.

The aluminum caps used in this system are made of a specially patented material of the Austrian company packaging giant Constantia. This product is an indispensable part of the system.

your benefits

The cans are washed and disinfected with UVC (Ultraviolet C) before the Ecocap's® protective cover is closed. Since the boxes are dried before sealed, moisture and contamination are also blocked. This process prevents mold formation and bacterial growth. The hygiene and safety of the product is ensured from the moment it leaves the production warehouse until the time the end user drinks it.

TOPSYL is a 100% environmentally friendly technology. These special TOPSYL caps, produced from aluminum, are made of the same material as the can, so they form a whole as a packaging. Thus, the aluminum cap and the can are integrally a system that can be recycled many times over.

The fact that the drinks are packaged with technologies that provide full protection against dust and dirt also provides trust to the brand in the eyes of the consumers. These covers have also turned into an advertising medium for many global brands, as we have seen in applications in different countries. It is possible to obtain more a more attractive packaging by making changes only in aluminum caps, without making any design changes on the can.

Contact us to bring the content you want, to your customers without changing the physical packaging with a mobile application specially designed for your brand .

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