Beverage Industry

Seaming Machines

Can packaging is a type of packaging that is used extensively today. It is very important for the manufacturer to use equipment that complies with reliable speed and general maintenance standards so that production is not disrupted.

We cooperate with Angelus, a company which has a trained technical service team in Turkey and is specialised in the supply of spare parts.

Angelus can seaming machines enable you to achieve sustainable performance in the food and beverage industry, especially in the beer industry, with reliable clamping mechanism in pressurized cans.

In addition to the technical infrastructure it has achieved in traditional form parts, it also provides high reliability with the products it produces in Europe .

your benefits

- Thanks to its double clamp system, it provides international quality in can production.

- Thanks to the wide product range, the best compatible machine with your product is supplied.

- Pioneer in spare parts supply.

- The service network is widespread.