About Us

About Us

Ferm Endüstri A.Ş established in 1986, is serving beverage, food and pharma industries for the automation and manufacturing technologies progress.

Industrial Equipments and Plants

Those application include methods and machines to provide sustainable manufacturing speeds and quality achievements.

  • Beverage Industry Equipments
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Plants
  • Agricultural Equipments

We are also responsible from service, maintenance and spare parts supply.

We aim to be the pioneer of the industry. In that point, we we have established a pre-owned machinery business with Finish company Jade and we are the representative of Ecocaps Eurasia, beverage packaging technology leader.


  • We are technology centric

    Technological transformation is at the center of all the services we offer.

  • We beleive in innovation

    We offer leading services and processes to our customers.We always follow the changing dynamics of the industry.

  • We provide an approach consisting of quality and efficiency

    We believe that success comes from quality. We beleive in the priority of quality and efficiency to be served together. Our goal is to establish longterm relationships with our customers.

Our Partners