Beverage Industry


Thanks to the can holders produced using recyclable plastic (50%), it is possible to produce organized packages that are easy to carry and do not require arrangement on the shelves. We can integrate multi-box packaging systems, which offer the opportunity to show your product from a wide angle and are preferred due to its panel appearance, into your existing box lines.

These systems, which we can provide by renting instead of purchasing, also enable you to make a difference in the marketing of the product.


your benefits

- It provides the opportunity to create high efficiency and standard products.         

- A strong shrink pack is used, creating 4, 6 or 8 packs. This recyclable plastic is thin yet durable.         

- It is more preferred than single purchase as it offers ease of transportation to the consumer.         

- Since it allows direct sale from the pallet, it can be offered for sale in different areas other than the market shelf.